Monday, June 24, 2013

Timing and a character idea

Timing is a BIG deal. It's the difference between a scene having emotion and being thrown together with bad pacing. Over the past week I have done NOTHING but fix the timing on a single scene. Am I completely happy about it? Kind of...but I feel like I've stared at it enough that I can't even tell if the timing is good or not, haha. I'll probably go back over it a few more times in the coming weeks. With the closing of this scene, however, I am now free to begin knocking out the other bullets on my todo list for getting this game demo out. First thing is first, skills. Wish me luck. I think I am making a female version of Cyan from FF3/FF6 without that annoying timing bar, which is making her surprisingly overpowered haha we'll see how things turn out.

In other news, I listened to this earlier and now I want to make an archer character. I have a pretty good idea on how I'd want them to be. I even see them taking on Raven, my badass one-eyed fencer. Before I start thinking "long going series" I guess I should actually finish this one haha Seeing as this post is rather short I will reward you with screenshots of some of the bad guys doing their thing ;)


  1. time is important, but people do need patience game, it is best

  2. Patience is very important in game development. I am finding that right now as I am going through and fixing bugs....over and over and over again, haha. It's taking time to refine the project into something flawless that makes it worth it in the end for the players. It's just like that old saying, "God is in the details". Thanks for checking out my blog!

    1. Hey you, do you make game with RMXP ?

    2. Actually, I'm using RMVXACE. Seeing as I am solo and new at this it seemed the best engine for me right now. I am looking to use Unity once I get some more experience.