Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Modern Witch" Project: Artwork & Title?

The ad actually brought in a few pretty good artists. These people do incredible things like high level renders and what not. I jawdropped on quite a few of the examples they showed me....and at their price tags lol I knew art would cost a bit, I just hope I'll be able to cough up enough to keep them interested and also that I have my "ducks in a row" not wasting money on art I won't use/don't need. I'm currently in talks with a few and I've commissioned some concept art to see what/who I'm dealing with. I'm hopeful that I'll get some amazing results from these guys. I'll post the one I end up going with if either.

In other news, I've been playing around with a few title names for the project and at the moment the only one that keeps pounding in my head is Witch Hunt. Don don DON! I don't know. It fits, but if I were to do sequels(don't wanna get ahead of myself but wouldn't want to burn bridges early with a badly chosen name either lol) it might be weird. If I continue to explore this universe I don't want to have to always have some kind of hunt going on. It'd get old. A friend made a pretty good point though and said that I could go the way of Demon Souls n' Dark Souls. Keeps the Souls part but changes the other part. Then there's the whole ":" thing. I could be like Witch Hunt: Joanna & the Blue Grimoire. Witch Hunt: The Secret of the Lion's Crest. Witch Hunt: I Wonder If This Is Another Hunt. <.< meh, i'll decide eventually. Problem is, kinda hard to commission an artist to make a high level rendered title screen when you don't know the name of the game haha oh well, it can wait.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Modern Witch" Project

Titles are very important and I don't plan on rushing ahead with a half-ass title just to have one. It'll come to me naturally as I work on the game. In the meantime though, I'm going with the "Modern Witch" project.

In other news, I've started work on the demo, which is just as overwhelming as I pictured it would be. Not to worry, just gotta do things one at a time. I also put out an ad on the RPGMAKERWEB forum for concept art. We'll see if I have any bites on that. I thought I had the audio I wanted for the game but the more I listen to the package I picked up, the more I'm seeing that I don't have EVERYTHING I need audio-wise, sigh. I'll explore that more later. Would be a waste of the cash I put up for this audio package if I hired out for an entire OST though. We'll see what happens, I guess. As I said earlier, one thing at a time. Gameplay > Art, Audio, & Story. Though the writer in me really wants to argue with the story bit there, haha.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Plan

As the title states, I have a plan. The plan is simple but will take a significant amount of prep work. Anywho, here's the plan. Kickstarter. Yes, I will be using kickstarter to actually "kick start" my dream of being a game designer. It may be a shot in the dark but at least there is a hint of a light at the end of the tunnel. The idea is to pitch a game idea, throw out a number that will provide me enough funds to quit my full-time job and work on the game exclusively for a year. I'll pick up a part-time job or continue consulting as an "IT/repair guru" of course, but I'll have all the extra time to do what I love. Make games. If you checked out my last post, I talked about Goshiki: The Five Paths.
"Goshiki: The Five Paths" Titlescreen by Katrina Le
This will NOT be the game I am trying to fund via kickstarter. Why not? While I believe that Goshiki is an interesting story and I will eventually release the title, it is not as gripping as the game idea I am holding back in the wings that I WILL be pitching to kickstarter. I don't have any concept art as of yet so I don't want to go into too many details just yet. But I will let you in on this....I already have it scripted out and am in the programming phase. Oh, and the game is about a modern day witch ;) I'll release more info as development progresses. On the note of concept art, I will be doing something very dangerous....I will attempt to draw for it myself O_O at the very least I'll be able to take my extremely rough sketches to one of significant skill to translate into awesomeness for your viewing pleasure. The conditions that I am giving myself for kickstarter is to have a demo done, a game design document which'll have the full plan/schedule for development done, and the full script for the game done. Once I have that and some nice concept art, I'll attack kickstarters with passion and fervor! I will make my dream come true.