Tuesday, February 19, 2013

RPGs and why I want so badly to make them

This is my first blog post, so I guess I should explain what I'm trying to do here. I am currently a "one-man army" class of Indie Game Developer and let's just say I'm level one with like two more battles before I level up. I've done a lot of research and am currently developing a game called Goshiki: The Five Paths for the PC using RPG Maker XP. I'll post more about that project later on. By "research" I mean I've read an enormous amount of textbooks, blogs, occasional podcasts, went to college for programming, and played an enormous amount of games. Being a gamer doesn't mean you'll make it as a game developer....found that out the hard way. Just imagine ramming your car into a solid steel wall and that's the kind of wake up call I got. Though being a gamer does help you come up with ideas. You take things that you thought were cool and add them all together with your own unique cocktail of story line and you'd be surprised how amazing it turns out. So back to the point of this blog, it sort of ties into why I became a developer actually. I feel like there is a severe lack of rpgs in the classic sense today and I hope to attempt to fill that void. I hope to tell meaningful stories that make the players of my games walk away and continue to think about the world I opened them up to and the people in it. If you go to amazon.com and type in ps3 rpg or xbox 360 rpg, you'll notice that it's pretty much the same regurgitated IPs over and over again. Now I give NIS(Disgaea series), Square Enix(Seriously?..), BioWare(Mass Effect series & Dragon Age series), and Namco Bandai Games(Tales of series) props for keeping the genre alive. But when was the last time you walked away from one of their games like you walked away from FF3(or FF6 if you're from Japan) or Lufia 2(Most epic SNES ending of all time...imho)? The good ones are few and far between these days and I feel like a lot can be learned from the old days. Breath of Fire 3 showed that graphics aren't everything and even to this day anyone can pick that game up and not think twice of the fact that it's 16 years old. Wow, that makes me feel old...point is, good story telling and game play trumps amazing graphics. THAT is what I am trying to do here. Will I succeed? We'll see. In the meantime, look forward to me talking about my current projects or ranting about classic rpg topics. Feel free to comment, critique, or what have you. I'll get back to work.

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