Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goshiki: The Five Paths

I guess I shouldn't get ahead of myself about the modern day witch story. I am still actively working on the game project that just won't end, haha. Goshiki: The Five Paths is the story of Po and his rise from farmer to legendary martial arts master of a supernatural martial art.

It features a stat growth system where the player's stats grow based on their actions in and out of battle. Speaking with NPCs could lead to side quests or rewards with stats based on the player's decisions. The world is full of inspiration that will lead Po into discovering and refining his own style of Goshiki techniques hands on. Learning new skills comes from side quests which also alters the storyline. A player could theoretically just play the main story line and still master Goshiki but if one learns the techniques early on via the side quests then they will be rewarded later when presented with the storyline where they would've learned it. Usually with stats or rare items/equipment.

I want the player to feel powerful as the game progresses and I feel that I accomplish this by the mini-games/puzzles where the player will use what he's learned to defend himself.
Ex 1. Po finds himself in a duel with an assassin who catches him in an enclosed area and begins throwing knives at him. The player will have Po dodge or catch the knives. How many he can catch in this mini-game is based on his stats.
Ex 2. A boulder might block his passage to a cave, but once his strength stat is at a certain level he can break the boulder with his bare hands.

Po is actually a genius that will master the supernatural martial art with unheard of speed and accuracy that eventually makes him butt heads with the traditional martial artists who believe that a farmer should never have been able to learn the art in the first place. After tragedy strikes, Po is torn between following his dreams of accomplishing great things or settling for a normal farmer's life. With renewed vigor he will rise above all the trials in his life and become the master everyone knew he would be, changing the lives of those around him as well as the art itself for generations to come.

When I say the game is in development hell, I would like to point out that I have been working on this game on and off since thanksgiving of 2011. What was supposed to be a quick one-day game on a bet with a friend turned into something much more. Hopefully I'll be able to show off this game someday but as a one-man army with the art skills of an elementary school student it could be awhile. Luckily I have an artist working on concept art for me while I try to pin down everything. Will Goshiki see the light of day? Even if it kills me.

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