Sunday, May 5, 2013


I gave it my all but in the end I missed the deadline. Truth be told, I need another 4-5 hours more to get to a point where I'd be content with it. Sucks....I really pushed hard to make this happen. My entire table is full of coffee cups and tiny bottles of five hour energy lol though I am disappointed in myself I will push on and finish up the game anyway. I may not get the attention I was shooting for or whatever secret prizes the contest had(one of which was some love on a popular podcast!! =_( oh well...) I will be posting up a link for download and I'm sure some of the community will throw in some reviews when I post it up on their normal finished project threads. What did I ultimately take away from this experience? 1. With more practice I can design pretty good maps in minutes 2. It's good to stay organized throughout a project, because in those moments when you've had too much coffee and you lose most higher brain functions due to lack of sleep you can still get stuff done without creating too many bugs. 3. I need to work on managing my time better.


  1. I hit these lessons everday, I have them on my desktop as post its and a whole page on evernote of lessons, I try to read through them everyday at work and before I start on a project... its a journey, there is no win one end all scenario dude

  2. Yeah, the experience itself will help me grow. To be honest, this is the first longer than a few minutes title I've ever made. The point of the contest is to get designers/developers to actually finish something and it's done that for me. So even though I'm not able to participate in the contest(which I woulda won btw!!) I still have the feeling of satisfaction that comes from finishing a project. Lessons learned. Next time I'll make that deadline :)