Friday, March 15, 2013

The Plan

As the title states, I have a plan. The plan is simple but will take a significant amount of prep work. Anywho, here's the plan. Kickstarter. Yes, I will be using kickstarter to actually "kick start" my dream of being a game designer. It may be a shot in the dark but at least there is a hint of a light at the end of the tunnel. The idea is to pitch a game idea, throw out a number that will provide me enough funds to quit my full-time job and work on the game exclusively for a year. I'll pick up a part-time job or continue consulting as an "IT/repair guru" of course, but I'll have all the extra time to do what I love. Make games. If you checked out my last post, I talked about Goshiki: The Five Paths.
"Goshiki: The Five Paths" Titlescreen by Katrina Le
This will NOT be the game I am trying to fund via kickstarter. Why not? While I believe that Goshiki is an interesting story and I will eventually release the title, it is not as gripping as the game idea I am holding back in the wings that I WILL be pitching to kickstarter. I don't have any concept art as of yet so I don't want to go into too many details just yet. But I will let you in on this....I already have it scripted out and am in the programming phase. Oh, and the game is about a modern day witch ;) I'll release more info as development progresses. On the note of concept art, I will be doing something very dangerous....I will attempt to draw for it myself O_O at the very least I'll be able to take my extremely rough sketches to one of significant skill to translate into awesomeness for your viewing pleasure. The conditions that I am giving myself for kickstarter is to have a demo done, a game design document which'll have the full plan/schedule for development done, and the full script for the game done. Once I have that and some nice concept art, I'll attack kickstarters with passion and fervor! I will make my dream come true.

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