Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Modern Witch" Project: Artwork & Title?

The ad actually brought in a few pretty good artists. These people do incredible things like high level renders and what not. I jawdropped on quite a few of the examples they showed me....and at their price tags lol I knew art would cost a bit, I just hope I'll be able to cough up enough to keep them interested and also that I have my "ducks in a row" not wasting money on art I won't use/don't need. I'm currently in talks with a few and I've commissioned some concept art to see what/who I'm dealing with. I'm hopeful that I'll get some amazing results from these guys. I'll post the one I end up going with if either.

In other news, I've been playing around with a few title names for the project and at the moment the only one that keeps pounding in my head is Witch Hunt. Don don DON! I don't know. It fits, but if I were to do sequels(don't wanna get ahead of myself but wouldn't want to burn bridges early with a badly chosen name either lol) it might be weird. If I continue to explore this universe I don't want to have to always have some kind of hunt going on. It'd get old. A friend made a pretty good point though and said that I could go the way of Demon Souls n' Dark Souls. Keeps the Souls part but changes the other part. Then there's the whole ":" thing. I could be like Witch Hunt: Joanna & the Blue Grimoire. Witch Hunt: The Secret of the Lion's Crest. Witch Hunt: I Wonder If This Is Another Hunt. <.< meh, i'll decide eventually. Problem is, kinda hard to commission an artist to make a high level rendered title screen when you don't know the name of the game haha oh well, it can wait.

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